Which 3 letter agency has been using Direct Energy Weapons for decades?   https://syndicatedworldreport.com/videos/DEW1.mp4   https://syndicatedworldreport.com/videos/DEW2.mp4   https://syndicatedworldreport.com/videos/DEW3.mp4 How can a WILDFIRE Destroy Homes, But not burn surrounding trees?   https://syndicatedworldreport.com/videos/DEW4.mp4   https://syndicatedworldreport.com/videos/DEW5.mp4   Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) are real! Check back for Part 2 to be released in the days ahead.
New evidence on the death of Jessie Czebotar’s son seems to indicate foul play. John Carman will analyze the intel and provide his thoughts. Chris Wilson discusses the deadliest of the Satanic species. The Female Illuminati: The Power of the...
Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura caused quite a stir with his bold statement that “UFOs definitely exist.” In subsequent clarifications, the government claimed that there have been no confirmed sightings, but if a UFO was to appear, “fighter jets...
Humans have long been obsessed with the possibility of alternate universes, and a way to instantaneously travel between this one and the next. This concept was popularized by the science-fiction TV show Stargate, and as recently as 2015, NASA admitted...
Wednesday on FNC's "Hannity," Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) argued that on the heels of the announcement Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, was being investigated by the U.S. Attorney's office in Delaware for what he called "tax affairs," the...
The Amistad Project, an election watchdog group, highlighted the undue influence of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and several left-wing nonprofits throughout the 2020 election by funneling hundreds of millions of… Read more: thenationalpulse.com


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