Quantum Financial System (QFS) &
Bullion Exchange Bank

The next generation blockchain driven mobile banking with 3D Facial Recognition Security. Bullion Exchange Bank (BEB) mission is to bridge the gap between digital gold backed currency and fiat currencies by providing a decentralized, FSC-BEB, Q Phone mobile banking solution that is easy to use,accessible and nondiscriminatory inclusive of all demographics.
The Bullion Exchange Bank enables the mass adoption of digital gold
back currencies just as easy as using fiat currencies.
We achieve this by providing seamless exchange between crypto and
fiat, by providing quick enrollment, safe, compliant on boarding and
easy-to-use features on our banking platform with the same traditional
banking services people are used to. Soon, the Bullion Exchange Bank Visa® card will make it easy to access your money anywhere!

Also get a quick preview to the newest in technology,

Q Cloud 3D Smart Phone: The device works like a cell phone but will be capable of non-cellular reception such as UHF and VHF broadcasts as well as acting as a node on a light-stream network. As a light-stream client, it will be capable of receiving data and information many times faster than cellular or internet protocols. This increase in speed, coupled with other technologies including the AI and the Library, will make it’s ‘virtual assistant’ super-fast and super smart. The Q Phone will connect to Bullion Exchange Bank transactions in its light-stream mode which will utilize ‘Picture Streaming Protocol’. One important goal for this device will be to replace ATMs and paper currency. It will also,
given its ability to receive UHF and VHF be a de facto television. It is intended, through its connectivity to our cloud servers to serve as the interface to and replacement of television, computers, games, and internet-of-things control.


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