Democracy Now in America


The critical path to success will depend on each and every person who puts on their armor and sword for battle against the enemy that desires to only attack you and your family with lies, deceit, and instigate planned genocide of humanity.
They are attacking us from all avenues possible with social conditioning, manipulation of the human food supplies with the creation of new types of plants that actually harm the body. They have purposely passed laws and mandates, as well as, policy to permit illegal entry into the United States of peoples that themselves become victims to the same evil on a massive scale.
There are many families of immigrants that have become separated from the parent(s) only to succumb to kidnapping and human trafficking ending up victims of satanic worship where many children are tortured and killed for the adrenacrome. The issue of illegal entry is only a smoke screen for the real crimes taking place now on the borders against those in desperate conditions and dispositions.
They are truly evil to their core; they only have plans for destruction of the American way and its people and have followed with further atrocities in other nations globally. This has gotten out of control and is now very dangerous. It has come to the point where citizens are being forced to not obey immoral laws and created illegal policies forcing the good people of all societies to take poisonous COVID-19 vaccines; eroding our inherent freedoms.
At this time employers are removing employees for not complying with the illegal COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Loss of income and the fear of becoming homeless has resulted in many good people forced to take a vaccine that they’re 100 percent against. What is more criminal they are promoting that our children take the shots as well. This just is a planned global homicide upon humanity and it’s unacceptable.
Each person on this earth has the right to live in peace under the best of conditions humanly possible, all have the right to pursue happiness, everyone has a right to earn and spend which is the basis of a healthy economy globally. If you were forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine by coercion from your employer, local, state or federal government agency, school, hospital, airline or law enforcement agency, you have been violated. If you have not been vaccinated you are also a victim of discrimination and unlawful stress and oppression by design via censorship, public access denial and rejection from new employment due to false mandated policy and fear.
Peace be upon you in every way, we are here to help you and equip you with the power of knowledge and actions to be taken to protect your civil liberties, human rights, right to live in peace and ability to truly pursue a life of happiness filled with prosperity and joy. Yes you can be happy in your lives regardless of where you live and in each and every country.
Here in the United States we can lead the charge for change and not a single bullet or death needs to be part of the equation. This warfare can be won with total victory without any hand to hand combat, no conventional warfare is necessary, no use of nuclear warheads, no death camps, no loss of lives due to policing requirements to keep the peace. No need to fight in that manner. We will win this battle with tenacity; will of the people, strength of the heroic efforts of every man and woman starting in America. We only have to use our minds and learn how laws are made as pointed out in document #2 as well as, how to get rid of bad laws passed in document #3.

As we understand the weapons now being used against us by improper and illegal mandates, government city, state and federal policies, bad laws passed and the overall fear they have
created to stir up negative influence upon humanity, then we can reverse those weapons against us by rebuking them and forcing those policies to be removed, reversed, and revoked.
The good news is yes we have the power as the people to change the very weapons against us and use our strength of knowledge for our good. Each and every representative from city council, mayors, judges, state senators, congressmen and congresswomen, federal officials such as the Vice President, President are supposed to represent us the people whom legally voted them into office to protect the people with good policy, good laws, good governance of resources that is not harmful to human beings.
Turn what evil has created to harm us into good to protect each and every human being on this wonder place we know as earth. There we can manifest glory, peace and great joy for everyone.
We can and will do the following to start this change in our great democracy in America and in all nations. Receive in your heart the power to resolve the conflict upon us all from those who plan with only evil intent for humanity. We call upon your love to replace fear, we need you to bring action now raising the bar to overcome all unethical behaviors with actions based on knowledge and understanding of how laws are made and how to reverse bad laws passed. To call to action by demanding that specific laws are passed and made into law. To intimidate those officials voted into office that if actions are not taken to correct bad policy, mandates, bills in congress or Laws that actually have gone into effect that come in 2022 midterm elections that qualified candidates will be nominated and voted into their very seats so that the will of the people are represented only. The same actions will apply to those in office for the 2024 elections and those whom do not do exactly what the voice of the people demand in reversing those bad laws, mandates, policies into good laws, policy and good mandates then they will also be subject to replacement by those newly nominated qualified candidates for the offices that represent the will of the people.
We must band together to stop this cycle of imposed despair, depression, dishonor, abuse, fear by using those in authority within our city, state, federal government positions as well as those in the medical profession leadership as administrators and policy makers causing undue influence in killing us softly calling it a legal compliance requirement that is baseless and criminal attack upon all people with a bioweapon deliberately created for depopulation.
NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) in the United States and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) globally, we will be able to proceed with so many new and wonderful changes to benefit everyone. New online advanced banking systems with enhanced privacy communications such as the QFS (Quantum Financial System) protocols and secure communications, new technologies to use mobile applications for day-to-day banking, new currency types such as the BASEL III and IV compliant gold backed digital currency. Creation of new industrial parks with 900 manufacturing companies and each one creating new technology products and components that will bring in new comforts such as homes that will last 1000 years and survive hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and other disasters; transportation that uses natural resources for energy such as wind, water or solar power; new devices to improve remote education and technologies applications. Imagine a world with help in every way for every need including dental and medical care and healing. A life with no need for pharmaceuticals or radiation treatments because there will no longer be cancer or any other major disease or mental disorder.

We can and will make this all reality in this lifetime. We have to just win this battle with the first steps and actions. We are prepared to release the Bullion Exchange Banks (BEB), Financial Services Companies (FSC’s) online banks, QFS accounts for all users of the future and main
new digital monetary gold back currency. Everyone can become QFS account holders and users of the most secure Virtual Private Networks in banking.


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