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Drawn from our extensive protection of changemakers and gamechangers in 2021, we provide 50 quotes on storytelling in action (see in 2015’’ s prices quote collection here ). See likewise YourStory’’ s Changemaker Story Canvas, a complimentary visualisation tool for creators and business owners.

We have actually divided these 50 quotes into 8 classifications: Foundations, Pandemic age, Digital world, Business stories, Art, Journeys, The India story, and Startup stories.

YourStory wants all creators, innovators, changemakers and writers a Happy Holiday Season, and all the very best for success and effect in 2022!

 1 Foundations

Your story is your due.- Murray Nossel, ‘‘ Powered by Storytelling’’

The story is queen … and the author is the queen-maker. – Krishna Udayasankar, Script A Hit

Storytelling isn’’ t about the present of the gab; it has to do with thinking in the story you inform. – Shan Kadavil, FreshToHome

Good stories are constantly wonderfully understanding. – Akshat Srivastava, ‘‘ Warm Loving Medication’’

.READ. [Year in Review 2021] Leading 10 changemakers of theyear. . When they are positioned in the contextof the lives of your target audience, #ppppp> Stories resonate finest.- Vandana Sandhir, Genesis BCW

A story can equate dry, abstract numbers into engaging images.- Stan Garfield, ‘ The Handbook of Community Management ’

Data includes precision to your story while making it more convincing and engaging.- Adri Bruckner, Anjana Menon, and Marybeth Sandell, What’s Your Story?

It takes a neighborhood to make an author. All of us have a story to inform.- Pratilipi

 2 The pandemic period

The story of the advancement of vaccines are incredible examples of how time can be compressed and clinical mobilisation can be started.- Vinod Paul, NITI Aayog

We have actually encountered a tank of stunning stories of motivation, of resisting, of kindness, and of compassion.- Puja Marwaha, CRY

It has actually been heartening to hear the numerous stories of neighbours coming closer together to tackle this extraordinary scenario for over a year now.- Vijay Arisetty, MyGate

Amidst the pandemic gloom over the last couple of months, success stories of India ’ s growing type of unicorns( start-ups that cross$ 1 billion in evaluation )brought something to cheer about. – Manish Dalal, Newfold Digital

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Stories can be composed in words, however when they are composed in pixels, the magic is justunrivaled.- Shrey Bhagat, Knotting Bells

It’s obvious that videos are the most efficient method of storytelling.- Kaizad Hansotia, GetNatty.Live

NFTs are really naturally social. The worth of NFT is boosted by the stories, interactions, derivatives, and provenance around them.- Vaas Bhaskar, Elevation Capital

Using digital storytelling on several online platforms, brand names are now able to develop a bond with their customers who now look for more than simply items.- Divya Gupta, Aavishkaar Capital

Consumers are moving from standard transactional ecommerce environments to one that integrates social engagement, enjoyable, and storytelling at the core of client experience.- Zinnov

The social networks landscape has actually completely blurred or almost eliminated the line in between external and internal interaction.- Adri Bruckner, What’s Your Story?

Many effective companies decline to welcome the digital world early enough, and the outcomes are for everybody to see. HMT and HMV are traditional stories of this ailment.- Robin Banerjee, ‘ Who Blunders and How ’

 5 Business stories

No matter the number of marketing slots you select or storytelling you do, near to 40 percent of the purchase occurs with individual experience.- Swagat Sarangi, Smytten

For business interactions, it has actually ended up being more crucial than ever to reveal feeling, empathy, and human connection.- Marybeth Sandell, What’s Your Story?

A company story is a narrative with a strong human aspect, has lots of anecdotes, and showcases journey turning points.- Sunil Kant Munjal, Hero Enterprise

A great service book needs to inform a great story/stories. The stories need to be drawn from reality, need to be reputable, intriguing, and need to bring effective lessons.- TN Hari, ‘The Making of BigBasket’

Business books need to read by non-business individuals. When the authors think in simpleness, this is possible just.- Tamal Bandyopadhyay, ‘ HDFC Bank 2.0 ’

A book enables you to discuss that company in such a way that offers a bird ’ s eye and a worm ’ s eye view at the same time. ‘There ’ s a lot more depth, variety, and subtlety.- Mihir Dalal, ‘ Big Billion Startup’’


Nature inFocus- Winner- Films

Art and culture

The story behind the art is often as much, if not more, crucial that the concrete performance of that procedure. It offers you a lot more context to the battles of the time, its historic importance, and the idea behind the work. – Arjun Guleria, The Art Appreciation Society

Every painting ends up being a micro-story, stimulating various feelings.- Anusha Adabala, Chitra Santhe

All art need not be quite however it definitely needs to draw a response from the observer. It should narrate.- Kanchan Rathna, Chitra Santhe

[Photography] is not just about aesthetic appeals, however likewise about stories.- Prasenjeet Yadav, National Geographic

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Family histories likewise involve recording the cultural and social scene of the time. It is these individual anecdotes and stories that provide us an insight into the life andtimes of the previous generation. – Samrata Salwan Diwan, Family Fables Co.

The more ladies get in the mainstream movie theater, the more plurality we will see in regards to stories, stories, and scripts. – Deepshikha Deshmukh,’ Bellbottom’

It is essential to bundle, market the story, and provide the items of our business owners and craftsmens so we can produce worth out of their items.- Conrad K Sangma, Meghalaya Chief Minister

Every time there is an innovation shift -be it radio, print media, movie theater screens or tv, [Indian] mythological stories are repackaged to fit that medium.- Satish Meena, Sutradhar

 8 Journeys

It ’ s ok to stop working as long as we gain from our errors, and business should speak about this more since there are important lessons concealed in these failures.- Anjana Menon, What’s Your Story?

As numerous as 95 percent of techies stop finding out at a point. All the excellent stories emerge from the staying 5 percent who never ever stopped discovering.- Madhusudhan Anand, Ambee

Well-behaved or not, lady or not, each of our lives is comprised of stories.- Sayantani Dasgupta, ‘ Women Who Misbehave ’

It is necessary for us to inform our stories since it is the only method to protect and cultivate hope.- Deepak Ramola, Project FUEL

 9 The India story

The year 2021 will decrease in history as the year India ’ s tech IPO story began. – Anup Jain, Orios Venture Partners

With almost 70 unicorns today in India’, of which nearly 90 percent have actually ended up being unicorns after 2015, we actually think that our start-up story is still in its infancy.- Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry

Small towns in India will compose the next chapter of India ’ s start-up story.- Ritesh Agarwal, Oyo

Leveraging the advantages of new-age digitisation amd pandemic-induced ecommerce boom, SMBs in India have actually ended up being essential to India’s development story.- Vidmay Naini, eBay

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In the next years of the Indian development story,&producing will play&a big function in catalysing both big consumers and little makers to attain their maximum capacity.- Amrit Acharya, Zetwerk

We can see a growing pattern of financial investments in start-ups that are powering the India development story, and seeing a Tier-II city start-up carrying out competitively versus a Mumbai or Delhi start-up reveals its ability.- Nandini Mansinghka, Mumbai Angels Network

With the ideal environment partners backing their story, there is no factor for any Indian start-up to not just produce excellent concepts however likewise construct companies of the future.- Madhukar Sinha, India Quotient

Q2 2021 has actually been remarkable for the start-up development story. From being the most financed quarter, it has actually likewise included the most variety of unicorns. Standing high throughout the pandemic 2nd wave headwinds, the Indian start-up community has actually revealed a strong durability in this quarter.- Nasscom-PGA Labs

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Stories, out of all narrative types, are the most remarkable– practice informing your vision story prior to the pitch.- Ali J Ahmad, Punita Bhatt, and Iain Acton, ‘ Entrepreneurship in Developing andEmergingEconomies ’

Having the dream is a really – crucial primary step in the story of any start-up. Making the dream appear real, even at an early phase, is something which typically gets neglected.- Vinay Kanchan’,’ Sportivity’

You need to purchase your item. Eventually, it is everything about excellent storytelling. – Vijay Sajja, Evergent

It is necessary to have super star stories to encourage young blood to take the entrepreneurial plunge and reveal self-confidence in the community.- Alok Ramsisaria, Grazitti Interactive

Startups and entrepreneurship are truly essential pieces of the world’s economy, individuals’s stories, and individuals growing services. – Cecilia Lenk, NetCapital

When you choose to go grow and scale even more, you are answerable to countless individuals who invest their cost savings into your journey and story.- Abhinav Yajurvedi, PharmEasy

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