Thanks so much to all of our terrific contributors, readers, and donors. Naked Capitalism just achieved 25,000 published posts, ironically with this morning’s piece on Glenn Greenwald’s abrupt and revealing departure from The Intercept.

We also passed 1.5 million comments a couple of weeks ago, and are now at 1,506,143, for those of you who like precision. Please thank our comment moderators: Jules, Lambert, and in the past, Andrew Dittmer and crittermom. All have played invaluable roles in making the comment section critical to the success and vibrancy of our work. This site is a collective enterprise due to your thoughtful participation and their willingness to ride herd on remarks that are unduly heated or sloppy. There are so many important commentors that we could easily list a couple of hundred names of important voices and still miss way too many valued participants. So forgive us for not taking a stab but I am sure you understand why.

So again, let’s keep pushing on to our next big milestones! And we very much appreciate your support, and hope you continue with us.

And to continue with the Japanese theme, if I ever get around to doing a podcast, the intro music would be from Paprika, which aside from being a personal fave, is also a thematic fit, and not just by virtue of being high energy and celebratory-sounding. A female scientist first investigates, and then enters a collective nightmare created by a dream machine gone kerfluie (not entirely by accident either). Listen to the choruses, say the one from 1:12 to 1:44 or 2:55 to 3:27:

But so many things to do, so little time!

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