WASHINGTON – September 5, 2021 – Medical facilities like to use particular plasma that is composed of antibodies from individuals that have actually recovered from COVID- 19 to assist brand-new COVID-19 sufferers recover, however the COVID vaccinations erase those antibodies, providing their plasma ineffective. That indicates only people that have not received the blood-clotting, spike healthy protein injections can contribute convalescent plasma to save the new COVID-19 victims.

So currently herd theory has totally turned, where the vaccinated are harming their very own kind by becoming damaging donors, ought to their immunized “mates” require blood or body organ transplants.

Simply put, the COVID-19 injections, as confessed by the Red Cross themselves, wipes out any kind of natural antibodies that any person’s body has produced to combat COVID-19 or its variations, so those people can not assist others battling and/or passing away from COVID-19.

So if America were to get to the 100% immunized goal that the high-handed federal government wishes to reach so severely, after that there would certainly be no one left who can give away plasma, blood or organs to any person ever before again, including their very own children or member of the family with the very same blood type.

Western Medicine is so corrupt that they agree to corrupt the blood of every person that accepts inoculation for COVID to the level that they can never securely donate plasma, blood or organs. Autopsies of people that were immunized for COVID disclose billions, and also often trillions, of spike healthy proteins spread throughout the whole body, consisting of capillaries, the brain, the heart as well as crucial cleansing body organs like the pancreatic, lungs, liver as well as kidneys (the most popular organ donations).

These body organs and also tissues are no longer fit to be contributed to someone else, who’s body is likely to decline them as foreign microorganisms or will just not have the ability to utilize them because they’re currently failing as a result of spike protein invasion.

The “survivor’s plasma” is ineffective and also would be damaging as well as dangerous for doctors to change ill people’s organs with various other sick individual’s polluted body organs. The unique healthy proteins are currently attacked, infected as well as harmed by poisonous spike proteins. There will be no resistance built against COVID-19 from vaccinations, as the vaccinations eliminate your natural antibodies, as the Red Cross warns us.

Greater than 60% of all Americans have no clue their plasma, blood and body organs are risky to donate because of spike healthy protein pollution.

Plasma comprises the largest part of your blood, bring salts, water, enzymes, nutrients, hormones and healthy proteins to parts of the body that require them to work. The plasma also works as a “cleaning person” that eliminates cell waste products from the body. COVID survivors’ plasma has unique healthy proteins created by the body immune system, yet that all ends now, as COVID-19 vaccine-injected people now have blood that’s damaged with billions of virus-mimicking spike healthy proteins, completely unsuited for donating plasma, blood or organs to any individual, anywhere.

To give away recovering plasma to individuals experiencing COVID or those so weak already from cancer, diabetic issues or cardiovascular disease, people need to have a previous medical diagnosis of COVID-19 however not have obtained also a single COVID vaccine. Who recognizes this today? A couple of reality blog writers? All-natural health advocates take heed. You might be the only humans left in the world that can ever give away blood or body organs once again, to any person, ever.

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