Follow the latest on the coronavirus outbreak in the UK as the government faces pressure over the A-levels and GCSEs exam grading crisis in England and its plans to scrap Public Health England

A theatre company which hoped to stage the only live Fringe event at the Edinburgh festival this month, Grid Iron Theatre Company, has cancelled its plans to put the event on outdoors.

Grid Iron’s chief executive Judith Doherty said it had failed to get permission from the owners of an open air site in Edinburgh they wanted in time to stage a show called Doppler, based on a satirical novel by Norwegian writer Erlend Loe, so would put it online instead.

Sir Edward Leigh, has become the latest Conservative backbencher to express his concern about the exam crisis. He says wants teacher assessments to be used to correct clear cases of injustice.

There is one high performing school in my constituency which appears to have been particularly hard hit through no fault of this year’s students. This can happen when this cohort are above average compared to last years.

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