The importance and conviction of the hearts of mankind to prepare and take the appropriate legal actions that will enforce behavioral change for the better among humanity globally. The importance and conviction of the hearts of mankind to prepare and take the appropriate legal actions that will enforce behavioral change for the better among humanity globally. I am a 100% patriot, God Fearing and Loving person. I live as a warrior for all the good we can be and yield to others.
Humanity is proposed to accelerate toward excellence and become all each individual is supposed to become. The big problem is that since our birth we have been socially conditioned to exist as slaves to a system of social injustice and slavery based on those elements within our cultures, societies and nations.
There is a Platinum lining in all of this, God’s love has always been here and extends to our very existence. We are alive and with each breath we take can become all we are designed to be. Excellent in every way, as quoted by Jeff Learner of ENTRE Institute “3 P’s: developing and defining your Physical, Personal and Professional positive actions for daily living” You must get extreme to become excellent. Becoming familiar with those teaching of Entre and Jeff Learner are a wealth of knowledge that he references from many masters of the subject matters of developing your potential for being excellent.
God wants you to be excellent in all areas of your life. You have wonderful abilities untapped like treasures for the betterment of humanity with witty inventions of new technologies that will enhance and improve all those in need. This extends to all areas of life and the full development and corrections away from the social conditioning of which we have all been born into can and will be a wonderful new experience.
Our transition from the chaotic systems we have all become accustomed to will create many miracles before our very eyes. We shall participate in the benefits and use of these new wonders of our world and resources. New technologies that enhance every aspect of living and riding society of hunger, poverty, ignorance, injustice, prejudice and lack of understanding through educational methods will enable everyone with an in-depth understanding of traditional and non-traditional knowledge absolutely free. It will become a right of every human to be empowered with the highest levels of education in every discipline desired.
The results will be simple: the Human Resource will be viable for the future of humanity. There will no longer be sickness or disease, hunger or poverty, war or the causes of war among humanity, natural disasters without protection from the elements thereof using new engineering and advanced materials sufficient to withstand typical natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, or the impact of a meteor.
The benefits will include technology for the cure of present day medical illness without common pharmaceuticals, advanced technology to replace missing limbs, advanced technology to correct physical issues related to mental illness, advanced technology to reverse aging, advanced technology to remove negative elements within illegal vaccines designed for depopulation.
Imagine the creation of new super-foods that will enhance the human body in so many areas and supply food without those chemicals that have tainted the food supply. Imagine 86 new food groups and new wonderful gourmet dishes made from new food sources.
Imagine the creation and implementation of new transportation technology that does not pollute the environment or use of fossil fuels. Imagine flying your RV to remote camping sites using all the comforts of home without disrupting the environment. Boating on Oceans and Lakes but not making wakes but flying to locations and settling on the waters again with all the comforts of home without disrupting or polluting the water but enjoying the habitats in or out of the waters.
Also imagine the creation of new security forces to protect humanity from harm and security from the unknown. Imagine respecting all cultures and the peoples of host nations with their individual liberties and well- being; not the UN or any other world government concept but the same benefit to each host nation for the benefits of their peoples on Earth and in other planets with new transportation from Earth to other dimensions and planets eco-friendly to our own.
We truly live in a wonderful time of transition from bondage and slavery conditioned by those oligopolists on selfish motives. We shall prevail with just basic understanding of our current state of affairs both legally and illegally with planned motives of those whom are attempting the wholesale murder and slaughter in genocide of people globally with structured forced vaccinations of poisons into the human bodies. We the people of this world can stop this as we outnumber those enslaved by the Illuminate Cabal base operators in official office or positions of authority by simply voting them out of office. Do not need to fire a single bullet but the stroke of a pen is much more powerful.
The appropriate action is to have conviction in your hearts to prepare for battle. What kind of battle are we talking about? It is you as an individual person to do what is needed to save your family, friends and community from destruction of your civil liberties. It is your actions today that count. You must educate yourselves with how laws are made in your country, how to defeat bad laws that were passed, what representatives in your districts need to receive a written letter from you responding to the support they gave in supporting bad legislation proposed and or passed into law.
As Author Jocko Willink (Ex Navy Seal Operator Officer) points out in his book DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM FIELD MANUAL, there are many references that will compel you to just “Do and become the excellence you are meant to be”. Jacko’s book is such a great read and I strongly recommend everyone read it and become driven by his thoughts and actions.
From his book we will be enforced for behavioral change and we shall become the force that will combat the enemy before they have any success from their plans of depopulation. Prepare yourselves with the power of knowledge and understanding what the enemy has planned for destruction and turn it for good by reversing and eliminating the threats before they are given a foothold.
Be stronger, better, faster and use the hate the enemy has for each and every one of you against them. Remember they desire to destroy your freedoms, civil liberties and lives with their plans of destruction and betrayal. They do not love you but revile you. We love you all and you can now be empowered to take action today so please do.
Start with knowledge, understanding and action. We are doing all that is needed to bring this world to its true potential and with your efforts as individual wonderful human beings taking the needed steps we can begin the first actions for final victory and an abundant of blessings in your lives and those of all you love.
God Bless You in all things.

Man of God


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