Constitution of the United States
and the Bill of Rights, 1787 & 1791

The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation with a new form of government in 1787. It created a federal system with a national government composed of three separated powers with principles covering checks and balances, individual rights, liberty, limited government, natural rights theory, republican government, and popular sovereignty.

Not all states ratified the Constitution immediately, however. Many were calling for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties, which eventually led to the passing of the Bill of Rights in December of 1791 (which was, of course, inspired in part by the Magna Carta). Let’s not be dismayed by the results of the 2020 Arizona audit; there is much correction needed. The great state of Texas leads by example with SB 7, in voting reforms correcting many of the flaws within election mismanagement and perhaps fraud. We the people remain in power and that power is shared with our rights and civil liberties to vote and have those votes counted as any misrepresentations of our votes is a clear dereliction of duty by those whom are tasked with the responsibility of registering and property protecting our votes (Power) to those whom have earned our trust. Be of good cheer as we still have the power to correct bad actions of those who are in office as representatives with the power to remove them all. Removing those in office takes only a few steps should they not repent from wrongdoing and works of evil injustice with the promotion of bad policies, laws and mandates thereof. The first step is notification by letter and telephone calls.
Should they refuse to reform and correct their actions, the very next step is to issue petitions for signatures to recall these representatives for a new candidate; replacement by local voters, which is the true power of appointment! We the people remain with the power for change. The hard work has already been completed by our forefathers with the documents that have shaped the very history of our nations. We must exercise our strength using our power already within our grasp and take responsibility in managing those who represent our interests being the well being of all humanity in society by removing those who violate our civil liberties, rights and very real freedom.

This is a war that has already been won and you now have the ability to correct the misdeeds of the agents of the oligopolists associated with pure evil. Please understand your authority with knowledge and understanding. You are free and you can make the difference between living in despair, depression, pain and suffering by bad policies, mandates and manipulation with the stroke of your pens, calls and actions. The results of the audit in the Arizona 2020 election are only a clear indication of mismanagement and violations of election integrity. The measures of corrections are clearly identified by example with the Texas SB7 actions. These are good guidelines for our protection of our true appointments by our true votes and transfer of our power by election. We all must protect our civil liberties, freedom and power from mismanagement, abuse and fraud by those now in office legally or illegally and correct all injustices within our society. The power and authority is within you and your actions matter more than ever at this moment in time. The world awaits your efforts now. God Bless You, Man of God


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