Vision and purpose driven life
so that we do not perish

My past, present and future paths and the drive we have to provide the very best possible for all of humanity removing the social conditioning imposed upon from birth both on a micro Perspective and macro plan of success.
The greatest value we have is the human resource and its full potential. From slavery and Bondage from social conditioning to the endless possibilities of a well-educated and developed human society. We can and will become a marvel of wonder and excellence for all of the Universe to view with joy and excitement.
My journey in my path started in 1999 when I was operating an asset management firm in Northern California. At the time I did have a significant client portfolio and did well with large sums of working capital in unique trust facilities. A new potential client approached my office with a significant asset base of AU Metal. It was very significant and we set up a meeting in San Francisco California with lunch at Scoma’s Restaurant t hen we visited the De Young and Legion of Honor Museums where we sat in a quiet location to discuss the assets for management placement.
At that meeting we discussed the assets, viewed the actual photos of the AU Metal, location and logistics for the placement and use of the assets. I also shared assets under management in the amounts of Fifteen Billion and Eighty Five Billion and more. One of the largest client files I accepted was the Pringondingo assets of very large Gold and Platinum holdings of Hundreds of Metric Tons of these holdings. This I believe intrigued the new clients we were meeting with the new portfolio presented.
As we continued our discussions, they startled me with the truth of their visit and presentation. They notified me that they were Elder representatives. One from Hong Kong and the other from Taiwan. They stated that they worked for the head elder, a woman who was very old yet seemed very young in appearance. She had special abilities and could see into the future or travel to the future? In her vision she described my life i n detail over the span of 30 years.
She told the representatives to share some things with me and to respectfully request my attention and dedication to important matters to improve humanity for its true potential.
I was amazed t o l earn that I was being given an account for the asset management of Eight Hundred Trillion United States Dollars? Furthermore, I was tasked with providing a very low interest loan to t he United States Government of Two Hundred Trillion by 2001 to clear the USA of all debt obligations globally. Now back i n 1999 the Global Money Supply M1-M6 was only 563,705 Billion and Trillions i n global debt instruments. How can 800 Trillion even exist?


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