It’s refreshing to see another view on the Covid-19 thing. Given it’s high infection rate, it’s indeed nearly impossible to stamp it out completely, without a vaccine (and high compliance). Given the current resistance against the measures in place (which is increasing), mainly because most governments failed in one or multiple ways, with creating support, the measures that would be required, would be completely unacceptable.

In my opinion we should change the focus from scaremongering to a mix of positive news, and general health related aspects. Use a carrot, instead of a stick. With the current, much better, first-line (HCQ+, Ivermectin+) and second-line treatments (MATH+ protocol), the case fatality rate has gone down a lot, compared to the initial 5-10%, which was an embarrassment.

As Krystyn mentioned multiple times in the comments, vitamin D deficiency and zinc are important pointers as well, which has recently been shown in a trial as well (it’s a part of the MATH+ protocol), and educating people on improving their eating habits, or using proper supplements, might make a significant difference as well.

I was rather disturbed when back in spring in The Netherlands, not only toilet paper was sold out, but the shelves containing potato chips, and so on, were empty as well. We can gain a lot when it comes to health, when we can nudge people, even a little bit, towards better nutritional habits. Also, recent news in The Netherlands noted that people have been consuming more alcohol compared to last year. The current approach really has some potential nasty side-effects, and I cannot help but think that it, effectively speaking, is making things just worse, especially long-term.

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