Mummified pup unearthed in Russia had feasted on a woolly rhinoceros as its last meal before falling to its death in a landslide 14,000 years ago Daily Mail (Kevin W)

Time’s Arrow Flies through 500 Years of Classical Music, Physicists Say Scientific American (David L)

Quantum reality is either weirdly different or it collapses ars technica (David L)

US Wildfire Activity Web Map ArcGIS (tegnost)

California Reveals That the Transition to Renewable Energy Isn’t So Simple Slate (Kevin W)

Even a Few Hours of Paid Work a Week Can Greatly Improve Mental Health Brink

Honey better treatment for coughs and colds than antibiotics, study claims Guardian (resilc). Also reported here yesterday. Antibiotics aren’t effective, so this is a low bar. But still!

Why Civilizations Collapse The Side View (Chuck L)


The Black Death Was The Worst Pandemic In Human History, So How Did It Finally End? All That Is Interesting (Micael T)

Chainsaws, Conspiracies, and Cops: Inside an Anti-Mask Dance Party Vice. Resilc: “Funny, last summer we stayed at an airBnB in Montreal. The guy was a socialist. He said much of Canada is loaded with Trump cultist types….”

With the Most Deaths In 150 Years, Sweden Reveals New COVID-19 Test-and-Trace Strategy Guardian


Into the unknown: virus hunters and their quest to stop the next pandemic South China Morning Post (J-LS)


Las Vegas casinos a likely hotspot for COVID-19 spread, according to ProPublica investigation USA Today (resilc)

Political Response

U.S. official sees ‘real desire’ for smaller coronavirus relief bill Reuters. Um, big but late is functionally equivalent to small.


China cautious on hitting back at US companies after Huawei sanctions Financial Times

Kudlow says Trump wants to ‘deny China’ some of the proceeds of a TikTok sale CNBC

Tim Wu: A TikTok Ban Is Overdue New York Times

HK maids suffer twice as Covid-19 turns the screws Asia Times (J-LS)

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny ‘poisoned’ BBC


When incompetence is the lesser evil (Colonel Smithers)


Trump Says He Expects Saudis to Join Mideast Peace Deal with UAE Bloomberg

Iran sanctions: Trump threatens to unilaterally reimpose UN measures Guardian (Kevin W)

Report: Trump Administration Advances F-35 Sale to UAE Despite Israeli Opposition Haaretz

Lebanese President discusses timetable of disarming Hezbollah AMN (Kevin W)

Trump: I Made Israel Embassy Move for Evangelicals Antiwar (resilc)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Secret Service Bought Phone Location Data from Apps, Contract Confirms Vice (resilc)

235 Million Instagram, TikTok and YouTube User Profiles Exposed In Massive Data Leak Forbes

The man who built a spyware empire says it’s time to come out of the shadows MIT Technology Review

Trump Transition

The swamp wasn’t drained — it expanded The Hill. Resilc: “It’s long been a growth sector in USA USA.”

Donald Trump news: Senate intel report exposes US president’s letters to Vladimir Putin |Express (furzy)

Trump gives nod to Oracle buyout of TikTok in US BBC. Resilc: “Trump crips….’Oracle’s chairman Larry Ellison is a supporter of Mr Trump and held a fundraising event for him in February.’”

Anderson Cooper to MyPillow CEO: ‘You really are like a snake oil salesman’ The Hill

Michigan to Pay $600 Million in Flint Water Crisis Settlement Wall Street Journal. They got off easy. 80% to go to kids then under 18. Pool is 7,500 to 20,000. That means settlement per person = $24,000 to $64,000.


Joe Biden is already planning a failed presidency The Week (UserFriendly)

Kamala Harris; Class Struggle and the Illusion of Identity in Capitalism Black Agenda Report (Carla R)

Billy Porter and Stephen Stills made a weird video of that Buffalo Springfield song to close out DNC Night 1 BoingBoing. OMG 20 seconds was all I could take.

Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s DNC speech CNN (Kevin W)

Republicans quietly push mail-in voting despite Trump claims Politico (J-LS)

Could Trump Actually Win This Thing? American Conservative (resilc)

California Burning

Videos: California Wildfires Rage Across State, Tens of Thousands Forced to Evacuate Sputnik (Kevin W)

What’s driving Northern California’s freak ‘fire siege’? Mercury News (David L)

Brazen Thief Drove Car Into Home Depot The Smoking Gun. Trussville, Al. About a half hour drive from here.

The farmer-influencer and the economics of streaming Tyler Cowen. Wellie, as a farmer, not much risk of being deplatformed.

Germany Begins Universal Basic Income Trial With People Getting $1,400 a Month For 3 Years Business Insider

UK Will Take a Crack At Regulating Future Self-Driving Car Systems CNET

Uber CEO On the Flight In California: ‘We Can’t Go Out and Hire 50,000 People Overnight’ The Verge. An admission that Uber did not prepare for losing the lawsuit.

Legislation to support CalPERS direct lending is withdrawn Bizjournals. We mentioned this in passing. Happened last week after the Meng blow up. Note CalPERS tried to pretend it pulled the bill, but the article makes clear it was the bill’s author, Assemblyman Jim Cooper. CalPERS’ new fallback is to sniff that it didn’t need the bill to proceed with its direct lending scheme.

Class Warfare

CEO compensation surged 14% in 2019 to $21.3 million: CEOs now earn 320 times as much as a typical worker Economic Policy Institute

Barack Obama is finally ready to jail rich people for their crimes The Week. How convenient that he has come around now.

Antidote du jour. How I feel. Tracie H:

My husband and I recently bought a little desert getaway house three hours away from where we actually live. Each weekend we’ve been driving there, loving the isolation and stark beauty of the desert. On the way back, we spotted this fellow on the side of a lonesome road (with a 65 mph speed limit), aimed toward what looked like was going to be an attempt to cross it. We turned around and went back to him. He seemed pleased to pose for a few pictures before I picked him up and moved him quite some distance back into the desert scrubs, admonishing him all the while about the dangers of the road.

And a bonus from Micael T: “Sport is apparently not unique for humans.”

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here

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