As Cleese used to say, “and now for something Completely different…”:

I’ve been reading this guy for a long time:

you can generally pick any one of his posts from this blog, or his former one, “dark age blog”, and get the gist…because he’s been hammering away at that same set of concepts for 20 years….using Blake, Nietzsche, Gebser and Rosenstock-Huessey(which is how I stumbled onto his blog in the first place)>
Single Vision is also polemically and poetically (if sometimes pedantically) run through with the sword in Theo Roszak’s “Where the Wasteland Ends”…which, in spite of a few passages that are stuck in 1971 or so, reads as breathlessly contemporary to us, here today, as this morning’s Wapo.(I’ve been thinking about Roszak a lot lately, in the moonlight)

anyhoo…it’s worth a look, especially just before whatever y’all’s version of the Naked Jointwalk at 5 am is…we’re certainly all aware that there’s something terribly wrong with the world, and it turns out that it’s Us…
Particularly, how we see ourselves within it.
Neoliberalism can be thought of as the nadir of this Single Vision(TINA), and to break out of it’s trap, we need another, more Wholistic method of understanding the world….where human beings are something more than Instruments, Cogs and Consumption Machines.
Now, I’ve got a hogleg rolled, coffee in my TCU cup, and Falcon fully charged…there’s a waning crescent moon, and the Winter Stars rising in the East, and I’m off to the Cattle Guard to contemplate.

“For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern” — William Blake

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