That youtube link (“Scene by Scene” with Mark Cousins) looks great – will have to watch, thanks for sharing it!

I remember Connery often having at least one good “rant” scene for many of his post-Bond characters.

The Sydney Lumet-directed “The Anderson Tapes” from 1971 starts with this rant by the title character (played by Connery) being interviewed just prior to his release from prison. (approx. 40 second clip):

youtube-Anderson Tapes Opener

“The Anderson Tapes” is based on the Lawrence Sanders 1970 novel of the same name, Frank Pierson is the scriptwriter. It’s a “let’s get a gang together and pull of a heist” film with an electro-crazy Quincy Jones soundtrack.

Wikipedia calls it a “neo-noir”, as well as saying “It was the first major film to focus on the pervasiveness of electronic surveillance, from security cameras in public places to hidden recording devices.”

This delightful scene (with Christopher Walken in his big-screen debut) is another great Connery-character rant, IMHO (approx. 2 minute clip):

youtube-Anderson Walken Scene

Another great post-Bond Connery-starring film I love (besides Zardoz, and yes I DO love Zardoz) is “Wrong is Right” from 1982.
The director and screenwriter is Richard Brooks, who adapted from Charles McCarry’s novel “The Better Angels”.

The Connery character has a great rant about the media near the beginning of the film (no clip on youtube, unfortunately.) The film stars Connery as a globe-trotting newsman (with camera in hand), an upcoming presidential election, a murdered Middle Eastern leader, and missing suitcase nukes that both the incumbent president and his challenger are trying to track down (each for their own nefarious reasons). Here’s the trailer:

youtube-Wrong is Right Trailer

Yes, that’s Leslie Nielsen as the Republican candidate for president.

Highly recommended! Looks like you can “rent or buy” from youtube; I have a DVD copy myself.

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