A pioneering biologist explains the co-evolution of the vagina and penis Aeon. Chuck L: “Passing up a link like this is hard! ;-)”

Japanese Store Installs Glass Panels In Ceiling For Resident Cats to Safely Watch From Above Laughing Squid

Tree-Dwelling Gray Foxes Decorate With Skeletons TreeHugger (resilc)

Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs Science (furzy)

sPoOky! This soldier is going as Fort Hood for Halloween DuffelBlog (Kevin W)

Earthquake hits Greece and Turkey, bringing deaths and floods BBC

A 5-Story Building In Shanghai ‘Walks’ To a New Location Using Technology CNN

Climate Insights 2020 Big Picture (resilc)

US and UK Citizens Are World’s Biggest Sources of Plastic Waste Guardian. No surprise, I get upset with the overpackaging, particularly of low value items like USB mice. And the device itself is plastic!

Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste PhysOrg (Robert M)

A Coral Reef Taller Than the Eiffel Tower Was Just Discovered Off the Coast of Australia Smithsonian Magazine (Kevin W)


Majority of people would pay to watch online theater again, even when venues are open, research shows PhysOrg (Robert M). Having stage managed and produced theater, I find this sad. The point of theater is the intimacy and to a lesser degree, the unpredictability/sense of risk (which is why I am also not keen about big venues). Having “theater” move to broadcast will make it even more TV like.


Lambert linked to this study yesterday but worth amplifying:

The Effects of Large Group Meetings on the Spread ofCOVID-19: The Case of Trump Rallies. Stanford researchers but not published…

COVID-19 patients infect half of household: CDC study MedicalXpress (Robert M)

Regeneron halts trial of antibody treatment in seriously ill Covid patients Financial Times

Latest Covid-19 Wave Worries Hospitals Even With New Treatments Wall Street Journal. Key section:

Locales swamped by Covid-19 in the spring were concentrated in a few spots, primarily New York, Dr. [Eric] Toner [of John Hopkins] said. As patients now stream into hospitals across many states, there are fewer unaffected areas able to send relief, such as temporary nurses and doctors.

Scientists warn of new coronavirus variant spreading across Europe Financial Times (furzy). Not payalled.

Coronavirus mutation may have made it more contagious: study University of Texas at Austin


Coronavirus: Slovakia holds national test but president calls for delay BBC


Idaho Lt. Governor drives around with a gun and a Bible protesting COVID-19 restrictions, in video questioning if virus is even real Boing Boing. Resilc: “I stand corrected, Idaho is a bigger moron state than Florida.”

Coronavirus: Majority of Americans want a national mask mandate as Fauci backs one for the first time Independent (resilc)

Could the President or CongressEnact a Nationwide Mask Mandate? Congressional Research Service

‘Biggest thing to happen to renters since WWII’: why this US eviction expert is optimistic Guardian. Based on having a front row seat during the foreclosure crisis, winning some early rounds is far from sufficient to win the struggle.

Don Jr. Says COVID Deaths Are ‘Almost Nothing’ on Day 1,000+ Die Daily Beast. Team Trump needs to limit The Stupid to Trump himself, who seems able to get away with it an undue amount of the time.


Now That More Americans Can Work From Anywhere, Many Are Planning To Move Away NPR (Kevin W)


Behind China’s threat to support insurgency in India Asia Times (Kevin W)


Brexit Talks Haunted by the Fear One Person Could Thwart a Deal Bloomberg

Brexit: crisis voyeurism Richard North

Antisemitism report: By suspending Corbyn, Starmer is tearing Labour apart Middle East Eye (Chuck L)

Unlearned Lessons of the Tree of Life Massacre Mike Elk. It appears to be suppressed on YouTube, so please share!

Imperial Collapse Watch

Nation Building Overseas? America’s Own Neighborhood is Becoming More Violent American Conservative (resilc)

Trump Transition

Trump’s denial of climate change represents worse threat to humanity than Hitler, says activist Noam Chomsky Independent

The Mess Created By Trump Will Be with Us for Years Der Spiegel


‘Useful Idiots’: Election Day 2020 With Matt Taibbi, Katie Halper Rolling Stone (Chuck L)

Trump changes election night plans, cancels party at Trump International The Hill

Trump Is Losing Ground With Some — But Not All — White Christians FiveThirtyEight

Biden is slammed for calling Trump fans ‘ugly folks’ after they interrupted his Minnesota rally with honking horns – leading critics to compare moment to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 ‘deplorable’ remarks Daily Mail. Doubtful. Too close to the election to have impact.

Biden Aides See Warning Signs in Black, Latino Turnout So Far Bloomberg

Five Great Things Biden Has Already Done New York Times (David L)

N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James developing ‘long’ list of Trump actions for Biden to undo NBC (resilc)

How Hall County is handling influx of absentee voting, effects of ransomware attack on elections office Gainesville Times. JTM: “The important part is the ransom are attack on the signature-matchin database. ‘Hand marked ballots, hand counted in public…’”

Here’s How to Ruin Tom Cotton’s Election Night Nation (resilc)

It Looks Like AOC’s Squad Will Double After Election Day Vice (resilc)

A Crusade for Something Noble James Carville, The Bulwark (resilc). From the one-time worshipper of the bond market….I have trouble seeing what he knows about nobility, unless he means the aristocracy kind.


Walmart returns guns and ammo to U.S. store displays following brief removal Associated Press

Americans have bought record 17m guns in year of unrest, analysis finds Guardian

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Louisville police officer sues Kenneth Walker, boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, for emotional distress, assault and battery CBS (guurst)

Greenwald Fallout

Greenwald’s Intercept Resignation Exposes The Rot In All Mass Media Caitlin Johnstone

Glenn Greenwald RESPONDS: Why I Left The Intercept Over Censorship Rising

WINSTON 84 PROJECT (furzy). Also mentioned in comments. A catalogue of deplatformed content. I suggest recording the URL.

Dow closes more than 150 points lower as Wall Street posts its worst one-week sell-off since March CNBC

Antitrust Alone Won’t Fix the Innovation Problem Project Syndicate (David L)

“Oh Jeeeesus”: Drivers react to Tesla’s full self-driving beta release Ars Technica (Kevin W)

Class Warfare

Exclusive: Rashida Tlaib and AOC have a proposal for a fairer, greener financial system — public banking Vox (UserFriendly)

These Landlords File the Most Evictions in D.C. Washington CityPaper (dcblogger)

People to Autocrats: Not So Fast Foreign Policy in Focus (resilc)

Antidote du jour:

And a bonus:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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