Restaurants have been hit hard by coronavirus – so there’s no point in me being brutal. I’m going to carry on finding positives, and ignoring the mediocre

Sometimes, in the woozy minutes before sleep takes hold, I think about the dreadful restaurants I haven’t written about: the clumsily made sauces I haven’t compared to bodily fluids in need of treatment by antibiotics; the waiters who appear to have learned their people skills in a CIA black ops facility; the decor crying out for a little adjustment, courtesy of a can of petrol and a box of Swan Vestas. I think about all these writing opportunities missed, and then I sleep easy. For I have missed nothing.

It’s a little over 10 weeks since restaurants began reopening across the UK, and the massive blow to the hospitality sector is becoming increasingly obvious. Some places simply won’t ever be reopening. Goodbye Vanilla Black and Sardine. Goodbye to numerous branches of Pizza Express, Byron Burger, Pret a Manger and so many more.

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