Joe Biden says “I don’t trust the President on vaccines”; Worldwide infections pass 30m; Covid-19 infections in France hit 10,593 in 24 hours. Follow the latest updates

Thailand has reported its first coronavirus death in more than 100 days, after an infected Thai citizen had returned from abroad earlier this month, Reuters reports.

The 54-year old man, who was an interpreter based in Saudi Arabia working for the Thai labour ministry, had been treated in a Bangkok hospital for two weeks and died on Friday, Somsak Akksilp, head of the Department Medical Services.

#COVID19 situation in #Thailand as of 18 Sep 2020
Thailand reported 7 new confirmed cases from people on repatriation flights
New Confirmed Cases: 7
Cumulative number of cases: 3,497 (+7)
Receiving medical treatments: 111
Recoveries: 3,328 (+3)
Fatalities: 58(+0)

Two thousand ultra-Orthodox Jews are being blocked by armed guards from entering Ukraine for an annual pilgrimage to a rabbi’s grave, creating a makeshift camp at the country’s border with Belarus.

The men ignored warnings by the Ukrainian authorities not to travel after its borders closed at the end of last month in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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