It’s no secret how a majority of shows are toeing the Black Lives Matter line this season. Even worse, most police shows are following suit by insulting their own profession. CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans joins the ever-growing list by featuring a teen protester for BLM with the slogan signs to prove it.

The December 13 episode “We All Fall…” follows an ongoing plot of NCIS looking into cases of police officers racking up excessive force complaints. After an officer is killed after attempting to testify against the police, the team scrambles to develop a case against the corrupt officers. Corrupt officers is nothing new in a crime drama, but NCIS: New Orleans is trying to treat it like a vast conspiracy, attempting to launch a RICO case and everything.

Meanwhile, C.J. (Alkoya Brunson), Loretta’s (CCH Pounder) sixteen-year-old son, helps organize a BLM protest with his friends. That includes a sign reading “My Life Matters,” “Cause I’m Too Cute to Die” and, of course, one on the table that says “Stop Killing Us.”


Loretta is a coroner, which means she should know better who exactly is killing black people and that homicide is the number one cause of death for black boys like her son. But last season proved she is not willing to give cops the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the shooting of black suspects. Unfortunately, she does not defend the police once again and even suggests she will attend a Black Lives Matter protest in the next weekend.

New Orleans’ homicide rate is growing, but it’s not from police shooting teenage boys. It’s from fewer police officers being available to take on growing drug gangs who are way more likely to kill boys like C.J. anyway. If BLM was willing to march for issues like that, we might actually get results. Instead, we just get a disenfranchised police system and even more crime. It’s clear from that boys like C.J. don’t matter.

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