If you depend on national Spanish-language news media for news, or on the media that rely on them in order to convey what happens within the community, it is highly likely you never saw coverage of Saturday’s massive anti-communism caravan in Miami, Florida.

Per the Daily Mail:

Thousands of Cubans, Venezuelans and other conservative Latinos convened in Miami to attend an ‘Anti-Communist’ caravan, flying flags of support for President Donald Trump. 

The parade, called the ‘Anti-Communist Caravan for Freedom and Democracy’, convened at the Magic City Casino on Saturday morning. 

Various reports estimate somewhere between 20,000 to 30,000 cars in attendance for the caravan. 

‘Say no to socialism and communism,’ one sign read while a number of posters expressed similar sentiments in Spanish.

A number of cars had passengers holding ‘Latinos for Trumps’ signs as they sped along. Several cars also had ‘Thin Blue Line’ flags, in support of law enforcement.

In some cases, vehicles appeared packed with people inside who were excited to take part in the festivities. 

An NBC-Marist poll of Florida voters released last month found Latinos in the state about evenly divided between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump — a major change from the same poll in 2016, when Democrat Hillary Clinton led Trump by a 59 per cent to 36 per cent margin.

Despite it happening under the noses of Univision and Telemundo, none of those national outlets have reported on the caravan. 

Telemundo did send a local crew, and filed a report on the local Miami affiliate’s website. But so far, no video of the report on the caravan has been uploaded to social media where it can be easily shared by viewers and members of the community. But even Telemundo’s meager effort is far better than Univision’s outright omission- as if this massive anti-communist caravan never even happened.

And the reason for such a blatant omission of such an event is evident: as the election looms, honest reporting of the caravan would blow up any narratives of Trump weakness among Hispanics in South Florida and elsewhere. That’s just not good for business.

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