*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on StudyFinds.

The coronavirus lockdowns around the world have sparked fears that many people may be living in quarantine with violent partners or spouses. A new study reveals a different disturbing pattern growing in isolation: young children abusing their parents.

Researchers from the universities of Oxford and Manchester find this “hidden” problem is intensifying during the pandemic, with the number of violent episodes skyrocketing by 70 percent.

The study of more than 100 families and 47 social workers reveals many moms and dads believe the months-long quarantine is making already volatile homes even more unstable. Parents say being confined at home is creating a “cabin fever effect.” For some, this “pressure cooker” environment leads to violent outbursts.

Researchers say social workers are reporting a 69-percent uptick in referrals for families suffering child or adolescent-to-parent violence (C/APV). More than 60 percent of the social workers believe the severity of these violent incidents is increasing too.

Study authors point to the major changes in the daily routines of millions as a trigger for this behavior. With schools and in-person services closing due to COVID-19, researchers say family problems have been building even before the virus became a legitimate concern for many communities.

The study appears in the August 2020 report Experiences of adolescent to parent violence in the COVID-19 lockdown.

Source: Study Finds

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