In a radical but not unexpected shift, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos tries to frame a story on the burgeoning crisis at the border by explaining to viewers that President Joe Biden is concerned about migrants.

Watch below as Ramos shamelessly attempts to sugarcoat an emergency visit to the border by a delegation led by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

JORGE RAMOS: President Biden is concerned about the situation with migrants along the border, particularly with so many children crossing by themselves. So the president will dispatch a group of officials to evaluate what is happening over there (at the border), and has asked them to provide a confidential report.

Unsurprisingly, this is the same network that repeatedly denounced previous attempts to enforce the border as “cruel”, “inhumane”, or “anti-immigrant”. That network’s star anchor, shown above nakedly propagandizing for Joe Biden, spent the previous five years bragging (to great acclaim) about standing opposite to power. Ramos’ posturing, as you’ll recall, was purely performative. Now that the Bad Orange Man is out of office, Ramos is dutifully carrying Biden’s water ahead of a tinderbox along the border that is about to go off.

Although the Spanish-language media might want to say otherwise, their role in setting unrealistic expectations on immigration cannot be overstated. What you see now is a backpedal.

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