Entrepreneur Dr Junaid Shaik started finding out shows languages to upskill himself throughout his 2nd year of medical college. Throughout that time, he established a couple of apps and likewise got exposed to artificial intelligence (ML) algorithms.

Realising the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML, Dr Junaid chose to utilize the innovation to resolve issues in the health care sector.

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““ Whenever a client goes to a medical professional for fever, cough, anything, or tiredness, the physician would require to do a standard blood test for medical diagnosis. Now, in a blood test, there are 2 parts. One is count, i.e., the number of RBCs, WBCs, platelets one has and this part is now currently totally automated. The 2nd is morphology, the medical term for the structure. Not just the blood count, however the physician likewise requires to understand if the structure of blood cells are typical. In this case, the pathologist needs to by hand inspect the blood or the structure cells and likewise do a differential count of WBCs to detect irregular cells utilizing a microscopic lense,” ” Dr. Junaid informs YourStory.

He discusses that while the morphology test offers an in-depth report on one’’ s blood test, it is entirely manual, hence needing specialist pathologists to perform this test.

Identifying a space in the blood screening section, Dr Junaid Shaik and Faisal Sheikh released  Livo.ai  in 2018. The Hyderabad-based start-up is fixing this issue through its motorised microscopic lense, Livo A700.

According to the creators, the item instantly determines and categorizes the blood cells and after that produces premium images to assist the pathologist with the morphology analysis.

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Speaking to YourStory, Dr Junaid describes that utilizing its motorised microscopic lense, the cells are currently determined and categorized, and the report is then provided to the pathologist. This decreases the time of screening as the pathology physician can now detect by taking a look at the top quality images produced by the maker.

The device likewise gets rid of the requirement for the medical professional to by hand examine the structure and do the differential count utilizing the microscopic lense.

““ Usually, for manual analysis, the physician would require a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes to evaluate a report and perhaps much more in case of malignant cells. In our case, the cells are currently determined and categorized, and provided to the medical professionals. The time for the evaluation is down to just 10 seconds,” ” he discusses.

With this, clients can get their blood analysis reports within a couple of minutes from the pathology laboratories rather of awaiting a day or more. They can likewise instantly visit their medical professionals and begin on the treatment.

Dr Junaid includes that doctors too can utilize this device to check the client instantly throughout the assessment and begin the treatment with no hold-up.

The motorised gadget can assist health care employees find any blood-related conditions such as leukemia, anemia, viral infections, bacterial infections, malaria, dengue, bone marrow activity, sickle cell syndrome to name a few within minutes and with precision.

The creator discusses the start-up had actually at first established 2 designs of the blood analyser– a low-resolution, and a high-resolution design. While the low-resolution design worked within minutes, the high-resolution design produced the very best quality images, however needed truly long period of time.

To fix this issue, Livo.ai needed to infiltrate the R&D for another year to lastly developed A700, which provides both the services – high-resolution images and images within couple of minutes.

Dr VS Aparna Akella from Cpath Labs, Hyderabad, who ran the maker throughout the beta screening, describes, the innovation will be specifically beneficial in remote areas where professional pathologists and proper pathology laboratories may not be readily available. With the automatic innovation, health care employees can produce the report and send it to professional pathologists from another location and get the medical diagnosis done instantly.

She likewise discusses that the innovation assists in information storage, permitting the physicians to return and evaluate old reports for specific cases.


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Dr Junaid notifies that the item has actually now finished its medical trials and has actually gotten CE and ISO accreditation. Cleared for sale in India by CDSCO, the start-up is aiming to commercially introduce the item in the 2nd week of October.

Speaking about business design, Dr Junaid describes that in order to guarantee the innovation is embraced throughout all the pathology laboratories, the option requires to be cost-friendly. In a quote to make sure that it is budget friendly by the laboratories, Livo.ai will not offer the item however provide it on lease.

The pathology laboratories and medical professionals can get the item by paying about Rs 1 lakh deposit and a regular monthly lease of Rs 10K to 15K. He declares that he currently has 23 pre-orders in the pipeline.

According to a report by IBEF, India’’ s medical gadgets market stood at $11 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $65 billion in 2024. Comparable to Livo.ai, Bengaluru-based Morphle Labs likewise supplies a robotic plug-and-play microscopic lense to supply premium images for cancer and blood samples.

The start-up has actually raised $500K in seed fund round from Anil Kumar, Dr Praveen Kumar, Dr Sudhir Manda from Arizona Oncology institute; Rajesh Manthena, Executive Director and Chief Development Officer at Cancer Centre’’ s of America; and Dr Jay Shah, Medical Director at Mayo Clinic

Livo.ai is likewise aiming to broaden its operations in Europe next year. It is focused on having more than 10,000 clients by 2023.

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