*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on Study Finds.

A recent poll of 2,000 people across the United States finds a resurgence of COVID-19 is a top fear among most this winter.

The OnePoll survey reveals that seven in 10 Americans think this may be their most challenging winter ever. Over half (52%) say the coronavirus pandemic is the main cause of their anxieties during the quarantine. A third of respondents add that the 2020 presidential election is also stressing them out. Job insecurity, problems with remote learning, and issues with working from home all made the list of 2020 stressors.

The poll, commissioned by HomeServe, adds a majority of the country is fearful of more COVID restrictions before the year ends. Three in four Americans are worried coronavirus cases will surge again this winter. Another seven in 10 fear their state will impose another shelter-in-place order.

All this is leading to 67 percent saying they’re concerned the pandemic will spoil their holiday cheer.

Usually, around this time, Americans are making out their Black Friday shopping lists. This year, the poll finds many respondents are stocking up on home goods for a possible holiday season in quarantine.

Nearly half (45%) are loading up on face masks and protective coverings. Almost the same amount say they’re buying extra toilet paper, towels, and tissues to ride out the winter indoors. Just under four in 10 Americans are also using the fall to restock their pantries with canned goods and their medicine cabinets with vitamins and medications.

Source: Study Finds

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