On MSNBC’s The ReidOut, host Joy Reid and lefty guests Tim Miller and Rick Wilson decided on Tuesday to go full Alan Grayson or the late Ed Schultz in proclaiming that not only does Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) not “care” “about the well-being of” Floridians, but he himself is “rooting for” his “strategy” of “killing children in [his] own state.”



Reid hit the ground running on the insanity, insisting in a tease that DeSantis was “rooting for” the coronavirus to be as deadly as possible:

Governor DeSantis and Florida’s Covid catastrophe. As the delta variant rages in the state, he refuses to budge on protecting kids, children or even allowing private business owners to protect themselves and their customers. He’s just rooting for Covid.

Reid added at the top of the first of two Florida segments that DeSantis’s refusal to allow school mask mandates and other Covid restrictions has earned him the moniker “Governor DeathSantis” ahead of his 2022 campaign alongside “his partner-in-carnage, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott.”

Together, Reid said they’ve “[chosen] their craven political ambitions over the health of the citizens.” 

A few minutes later, Reid and Wilson exchanged banter about how DeSantis had abandoned “small-government conservatism” by not allowing school boards to tell parents they don’t know what’s good for their children.

Making his first cable news hit in over six months (perhaps due to how he and his Lincoln Project colleagues covered for a sexual predator), Wilson boasted that the GOP has abandoned their support for the Tenth Amendment so DeSantis can chase the presidency so long as “Donald Trump dies of filial fish poisoning.”

Wilson went onto say that DeSantis “doesn’t give a damn” about Floridians or how many he murders with Covid (click “expand”):

WILSON: He’s going around doing a Ron DeSantis love me tour in the state of Florida. I think it’s possible he just doesn’t give a damn. I think it’s possible he just doesn’t care. You know, as much as we like to think of Florida as this a crazed, wacky state, I got to tell ya: If — if this had happened during Bob Graham or Jeb Bush or Charlie Crist, it would have gone — we would have done this the right way. We would not have had —

REID: Yes.

WILSON: — you know, they would have done the right thing. No matter if you agree or disagree with them politically. 

REID: Amen. 

WILSON: They all gave a shit — oop, sorry — gave a damn about the people of Florida — 

REID: Amen.

WILSON: — and they were going to do the right thing. And this guy, he doesn’t care. He cares about his political future. 

REID: I agree with that and any of those governors would. 

Going to break, Reid said that her children grew up in Broward County, Florida and that the Sunshine State “is a beautiful state and deserves far better than the governance that they’re getting because, I’m with you, Rick, he doesn’t care. Clearly, he doesn’t care.”

Reid later mocked the idea that liberals and progressives want to reimplement Covid measures from 2020 to reassert control over the populace and instead claimed that people like her want them so people won’t die and continue going about their lives.

But if people can’t go about their lives, what exactly should they be doing other than wallowing alone in their homes, Joy?

Reid closed the show with Miller and Democratic strategist Xochitl Hinojosa by bringing Abbott into the equation alongside DeSantis.

Reid first went to Hinojosa with her hope that the judiciary system “install sanity in these states where Covid is running rampant” seeing as how Covid is “on fire” in cities like San Antonio.

Hinojosa proceeded to make her own crazy conspiracy theory as she seemed to suggest that Lone Star State parents can and would send their children to school with the coronavirus and thus they need to wear masks indefinitely until they can all be vaccinated.

It was then Miller’s turn, who received this dangerous and poisonous lead-in from Reid: “[W]hat is the strategy behind killing children in your own state and letting children die of Covid? I can’t figure it out.”

An editor with The Bulwark, Miller insisted that Abbott and DeSantis “are not concerned about the well-being of their own citizens” or “how many people are dead or alive” because of them, but how they “own the libs” and screw over “the brown folks and black folks.”

Despite wrapping with demands for the federal government to nullify any and all state and local measures to ensure businesses implement vaccine passports, there was no word on whether the trio think vaccine passports should include mask (or even double mask) mandates.

The declaration the Governors Abbott and DeSantis want to ensure that they murder as many of their own citizens as possible was made possible thanks to the support and endorsement of advertisers such as 4imprint, Ensure, Expedia, Farmers Insurance, Liberty Mutual. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

To see the relevant MSNBC transcript from August 10, click here.

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