*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on Study Finds.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many celebrations across America to be toned down this year. It seems Halloween will be the next one to join that list.

A OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults — half of them parents — finds most Americans will be taking extra precautions this Halloween, but still fully intend to celebrate. Three in four parents say they’re still taking their children trick-or-treating despite COVID restrictions.

While kids will be out scouring neighborhoods for candy, they’ll be knocking on fewer doors. The poll, commissioned by HI-CHEW, reveals parents are allowing their youngsters to trick-or-treat at just five houses on average. One-third of respondents say they’ll also be limiting these stops to neighbors they know and have already checked in with to make sure they’ve tested negative for COVID-19.

Overall, half of the parents agree that trick-or-treating is a tradition that is simply too important to skip this year.

Source: Study Finds

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