After spending recent seasons alienating parents across America with homosexual and BLM propaganda, PBS Kids’ Arthur, the longest running animated children’s series ever on television, is officially getting the ax.

On January 18, the public broadcaster announced that the final four episodes of the series will be released next month. How did PBS Kids manage to ruin an iconic cartoon beloved by generations?

First, the series announced in spring 2019 that Mr. Ratburn, Arthur’s teacher, was homosexual and premiered an episode with a gay wedding.

As NewsBusters noted at the time, “The creators of the show drag it out like some sort of grand reveal that ultimately feels insidious rather than celebratory. As Arthur and his friends stare in disbelief, the homosexual newcomer gives them a cheeky wink which seems to say, ‘Get used to it, kids.’”

As if confusing prepubescent kids about sexuality wasn’t enough “wokeness” for the show, it then premiered a short BLM-themed segment in the summer of 2020 which attempted to teach kids how to be “anti-racist” (i.e. Marxist). Arthur and his friend Buster talked about a video they saw of a cop killing a black person. Buster asked, “But how could it happen here, in Elwood City, outside the Sugar Bowl?” Elwood City is populated by animals.

Gosh, I wonder why this established show with high name recognition had middling ratings as of late? Series co-creator Kathy Waugh expressed disappointment to People Magazine about the cancellation. 

“I don’t know if it was a ratings issue or if it felt like it needed to be retired,” she said.

Yes Ms. Waugh, some television networks still have to worry about ratings. PBS is not a streaming service like Netflix. It cannot throw garbage on the screen without anyone knowing viewer numbers.

Arthur was originally announced to be cancelled last July, but there was no clear date as to when the show would officially end other than that it would happen in 2022. The series will air its final four episodes as part of a 25th anniversary marathon in February. After that, parents who want to teach their kids about gay and anti-racist anthropomorphized animals, will have to seek out such content online.

PBS will still provide an Arthur podcast, digital shorts and games on their website. It’s kind of sad when your cartoon character has been reduced to a podcast, but the writers had it coming.

Maybe PBS Kids will learn from this and quit the woke nonsense on children’s programming, but I doubt it. Marxists cannot help pushing their agenda on kids.

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