1989 and its aftermath gave life to a liberating yet frightening era of ‘wild thinking’, whose manifold meanings and consequences refuse to be caged in a historical sermon. ‘All we can do is to tell our stories and listen to those of others’, setting aside teleological interpretations of history and taking up the radical challenges of our troubled times.

Historian and professor Karl Schlögel’s speech kick-started the second day of the 30th European Meeting of Cultural Journals ‘Europe ‘89: The promise recalled’ held in Berlin between 1 and 3 November 2019.

Read Schlögel’s corresponding article here.

Schlögel’s keynote was followed by his conversation with Karolina Wigura, sociologist, historian and editor of the Polish journal Kulturna Liberalna.

Find out more about the Eurozine conference ‘Europe ‘89: The promise recalled’, 1-3 November 2019 here.

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